Andy Hunter – Stars (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)

My favorite of the Stars Remixes, as it combines the vocals with driving Trance music and has a really nice breakdown.  The music does have some beautiful elements, but also has a Prog vibe to it, giving it a bit of a harder edge.

The song features Mark Underdown as the main vocalist, and Shaz Sparks from DBA doing background vox.  It’s getting dropped by Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, John O’Callaghan and many more.

This track was originally released as a promo, but now it’s widely available digitally.  You can preview and purchase this as a download from I-Tunes for $.99 cents, or from Beatport for $1.49.

I found out a bit about the meaning behind the song in an interview Andy did with Alex Wilson on Tastyfresh:

He said that each of his albums has a central theme that inspires most, if not all, of the album. The theme for Colour is color, obviously, colors that we see in the world and colors that reflect God in some way. Stars, for example, is inspired by the color orange. He was looking out his window at the street lights and felt God speaking. He said that we live our lives under these lights, we follow them home. But we can’t see what is above them in the heavens because of the glare they cause.”

Orange street lamps see the glow, Illuminating the space below.
Follow the sequence they’ll take you home, to the boundary within the zone.

Tunnel vision, there’s nothing there, people looking with their perspex stare.
Set the limit and restrict the air.  Lets find the surface, make a tiny tear.

The stars in the sky, shining through the deepest night, so bright.
The stars in the sky, reminding me of satellites in flight

Orange sunrise, oceans gleam.  Reflecting glory, its crystal clean.
See the beauty of the earth outside.  Its animation as my worlds collide.

Panoramic, infinite view.  A person’s vision is the only truth.
Leap of faith and then exhale.  Feel the movement in the detail.

Preview Snippet: 

You can stream the full remix HERE

You can find out more about Andy HERE


Author: dancechapel

I like Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Techno, and I LOVE Doctor Who!

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