Airwave – Sunshine In Your Heart feat Didier Likeng (Original Mix)

airwave-sunshineGospel Trance!

One Sunday morning in church, Airwave got to talking with Gospel singer Didier Likeng, and the two decided they should do some music together.

The result is that Didier’s vocals give it a real Gospel House vibe, but Airwave’s music makes it a banging Trance tune!

It’s probably the best hybrid of the two styles I have ever heard.  It’s got that feel good Trance sound, that makes you want to drive with your windows down on a warm summer day, and crank it up!  It’s also got a real spiritual, soulful, Gospel House vibe that makes you want to sing and dance.

The track starts off with a good thump and some vocal fills from Didier, but no real words yet, and then a harder bass beat drops in and gives it a Progressive Trance feel.  This builds for awhile, and then smooths out for a beatless vocal break, where Didier turns on the Gospel!

Then as his voice builds in energy and intensity the music builds with it, and when Didier lets loose, some distorted bass riffs rip, and the song kicks into overdrive!

Vocal break snippet

music snippet

I’m not clear on a few words, but here’s my best attempt at the lyrics:

I look upon the mountain and what did I see?
That the sun is rising!
May the sun shine in your heart, and give you joy.
May the Son shine in your life, and give you a peace.
PLEASE, please, please, please, please…take my hand.
Please, please, I will give life, life, life.
Oh!  I’m so happy!
I simply want to give you sunshine, and give you joy, and the life of the same!
Come in your heart, let the sun take the pain of regret,
please open your heart, and let the light of the sun come in!

You can preview and purchase this as a download from I-Tunes for $.99 cents, or from Beatport for $1.49.

It’s also available on Vinyl or CD, if you can track it down at a music shop.

You can find out more about Airwave at his official website, and his MySpace.


Author: dancechapel

I like Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Techno, and I LOVE Doctor Who!

5 thoughts on “Airwave – Sunshine In Your Heart feat Didier Likeng (Original Mix)”

  1. Gospel and Airwave – I’m stunned. How did that ever happen? Any chance you know if there is an enduring connection there, or if it’s just one of those things that happen to happen for some unknown or odd reason?

  2. “One Sunday morning in church, Airwave got to talking with Gospel singer Didier Likeng, and the two decided they should do some music together.”

    Looks like Airwave is a believer :-)

  3. Ok, if I could, I would remove the last comment, because after a couple hours of internet research, I found out that it is the same, one and only Airwave.

    Sorry to get on your case this way, but I’m a bit new to this and I foremost and as much as possible, want to buy christian tracks and tracks made by christians. There are so little that I know and so many that I don’t know. I just get tired of searching the net all the time…

    The only way I would ever know Airwave was a christian is if someone pointed it out to me, and I’m glad you did. In all my research on the internet, I only found 2 sentences with reference to him possibly being christian…

    I’d just like to go to one place, search, listen and buy christian content/produced music, where all genres were covered and full of tracks – maybe one day, God willing :D

    Thanks for the help…

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