Platipus goes digital

artoftrancemongoosevinylPlatipus Records have gone digital!

As one of the best labels releasing Trance & Progressive, this is good news indeed.  Some specific singles and releases have been previously available on Beatport and I-Tunes, but never before has their entire catalogue been available digitially.

As a longtime fan of Robbie Bronniman and DBA this is great news for me as well.

Andy Hunter fans may be familiar with Robbie already, as he co-produced Andy’s new “Colour” album, and also worked with Andy to create the original soundtrack for the movie Expelled.

Robbie is also part of the group Tek^Tonik who have some great original material, and have produced a number of fine remixes as well.  Their Mongoose Remix (pictured above) happens to be one of my favorites!

So for fans of DBA & Tek^Tonik like me this is great news, as we can finally pick up some of the tracks we have missed and not spend an arm and a leg for an expensive import.  It’s also good news for fans of good Trance like Art of Trance, Union Jack, POB, Moogwai, and more.

Head on over to and snag some good tracks today!


Author: dancechapel

I like Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Techno, and I LOVE Doctor Who!

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