Wright & Reyes – Antigravity (Daisykutter Vs Paradigm Shift Remix)

pshiftcoversmallParadigm Shift are LEGENDARY.

Absolutely one of my favorite artists of all time, and the only ones who even come close to touching them for me are Shiloh.

Their self-titled CD with cool Japanese animation on a white background came out back in 1995, and I still love it with a passion in 2009!

That’s pretty rare when I’ve gotten rid of the majority of music from back then because it sounds so old it’s not even nostalgic for me anymore, and especially for electronic dance music which is a genre that has a much faster lifespan than other styles of music.

I’ve never really subscribed to the “expiration date” line of thinking regarding music, and if I like something I don’t care if someone else thinks it’s dated.  If it still grooves for me…I enjoy it!

Still, it is pretty cool to play tracks off that CD and still have people call in or run up to me gushing about how cool they are and asking where to get them…14 years later!  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that they share my love, and assures me that I’m not like Adam Sandler in Billy Madison.

Driving up in my Trans Am blaring The Stroke by Billy Squire,  standing there with my jean jacket and REO Speedwagon shirt…

Paradigm Shift is made up of Chris Sawyer, Trent Pawley, and Coy Wright.

They resurfaced briefly on Tastyfresh in 2002 with new music!  They had just remixed Antigravity by Wright & Reyes.  The song was posted as a free download, and when the site hosting it disappeared, they gave me permission to put it up as a free download.

Wright & Reyes are Coy Wright (of Paradigm Shift) and Rick Reyes.

Finally, the free download:

Wright & Reyes – Antigravity (Daisykutter Vs Paradigm Shift Remix)

You can preview the track and download it for free here:




Author: dancechapel

I like Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Techno, and I LOVE Doctor Who!

8 thoughts on “Wright & Reyes – Antigravity (Daisykutter Vs Paradigm Shift Remix)”

  1. I have to agree that PS’s 95 album has been (and still remains) at the summit of what I treasure. thanks for sharing.

  2. Paradigm Shift will sound fresh 20 years from now. And their latest work shows that they are not slowing down. Blessings to them and thank you for posting their info on your site.

  3. oh my gosh did i not comment on this i love this it sounds so awesome! :D thanks and i agree with Jorge i’ve heard some of their new stuff and its really fun too.

  4. Hey guys, Trent Pawley’s daughter here! It’s so neat to hear about all of this from people!! By the way be sure to find them on Soundcloud and Facebook, they’re going to be releasing more new stuff soon!!

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