The Trance Chapel Podcast

the-trance-chapelThis is a mix I did on the radio show back in 2004.

It is pretty old, but people still seem to really like this one due to the track selection.

Coretex has some gorgeous stuff, Slyder is a fan favorite, the God of Wonders Remix is a cool novelty, and the Evanescence Remix is an outstanding piece of Trance!

I pulled out the recording and edited it down a bit, mainly to cut my talking out for a more blissful experience.

I hope you enjoy it and feedback is welcome, both positive and negative.

Mike Rittenhouse – DJ Intro

Slyder – Coming back

Coretex – Lay Your Wings Around Me (Tastyfresh Mix)

Coretex – Shooting Star (12″ Version)

Coretex – Incarnation (12″ Version)

Ex-cito – God of Wonders

Evanescence – Hello (Trifactor Vs Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

Darude – Serendipity

Oakenfold – Dread Rock

Prophetica – One Thousand Times


Author: dancechapel

I like Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Techno, and I LOVE Doctor Who!

4 thoughts on “The Trance Chapel Podcast”

  1. HI Dance Chapel! Great mix! I’m a new fan, been hunting around for good electronic music for a while, pretty hard to come by, but there are some gems! Awesome job on your mixes! Just a quick question about this Trance Chapel mix… do you also have the individual songs available for download? The mix is awesome, but sometimes I want to be able to jump around or randomize the tracks, so having the individual tracks separately will allow me to play with them myself! :) Could you organize anything for me like this? I would greatly appreciate it! If not, still excellent job, keep it coming! Thanks! Jared

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