Transform DJs – I See You Moving feat Lorna

Transform DJs have released the feel good summer jam I See You Moving.

Featuring catchy vocals from Lorna, and a nice Anthemic Electro vibe, it captures the feel of a live show, and is a great Electronic Worship track that puts a smile on your face.

Best of all it’s a FREE download from their website, so you can grab it right now!

If you like the original, than you may be interested to know that Deeplife Records has released a number of remixes you can purchase that range from Electro House to Breaks to Minimal.  They are available on Beatport, I-Tunes, JunoDownload, and TraxSource.

  • Original Mix
  • Science Drop’s Breaks Remix
  • Fusion Six Remix
  • DJ Epiphany Remix
  • Audicid Remix
  • Shelby Callaway Remix
  • DJ Steve Wade Remix

You can grab the free download of the Original Mix at

You can preview and pick up all the remixes at Beatport.


Shiloh – Pathogen

Shiloh serves us a beautiful slab of summer Progressive that sounds best at full volume in the car, with the windows down as you enjoy the breeze.  Warm pulsing synths, sweeping chords, and an anthemic melody builds all around you until you are bathing in a gorgeous soundscape of bliss!

C-Jay slows things down with a Deep House Remix that focuses more on the percussion and low end.  It has a really nice groove to it, and still features some pretty sounds.

Indepth darkens things up with a galloping bassline, harder drums, and moody undertones.  Things brighten up considerably for the breakdown as the melody shines through like exploding sunshine, and then it drops back into hard and dark beats.

Pedro Aguiar offers up a relaxed House version with a deep bassline, and some harder percussion that contrasts nicely with the smooth melody.

Patrick Carrera & Enrico Sangiuliano provide a Techno Remix with a booming bassline, and delicious filters.  This Remix keeps changing in lots of little ways that keep your attention all the way through.  Just as you think you have a sense of it, another twist is added for a banging good time!

  • Original Mix
  • C-Jay Remix
  • Indepth Remix
  • Pedro Aguiar Remix
  • Patrick Carrera & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix

You can preview and purchase all the mixes from

The Trance Chapel Podcast

the-trance-chapelThis is a mix I did on the radio show back in 2004.

It is pretty old, but people still seem to really like this one due to the track selection.

Coretex has some gorgeous stuff, Slyder is a fan favorite, the God of Wonders Remix is a cool novelty, and the Evanescence Remix is an outstanding piece of Trance!

I pulled out the recording and edited it down a bit, mainly to cut my talking out for a more blissful experience.

I hope you enjoy it and feedback is welcome, both positive and negative.

Mike Rittenhouse – DJ Intro

Slyder – Coming back

Coretex – Lay Your Wings Around Me (Tastyfresh Mix)

Coretex – Shooting Star (12″ Version)

Coretex – Incarnation (12″ Version)

Ex-cito – God of Wonders

Evanescence – Hello (Trifactor Vs Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

Darude – Serendipity

Oakenfold – Dread Rock

Prophetica – One Thousand Times

Shiloh – Run Away

Baroque celebrates 10 years by releasing Run Away from Shiloh!  This is my favorite Shiloh release to date, and Baroque describes it as “a massive bubblin slab of tech, vocal sampling house heaven.”

The Original Mix is a nice blend of Prog House and Tech House with female vocals singing “I Run Away, You gotta live your life, I don’t wanna return. ”

The vocals are layered with effects that make them sound really nice, and accent them in certain parts of the song for a fuller effect.  They match the mood of the music perfectly, and the whole song is a smooth ride.

Gorgeous atmosphere on this one, with lots of little sounds and accents.  This will definitely be one of my favorite tracks for some time!

My favorite remix is by an Irish producer named Ryan Mullin.  He makes it even more beautiful with brighter sounds and a real uplifting but groovy vibe.  Killer remix, so I’m gonna have to keep watching this guy for more good music!

Beat Factory takes it in a deeper direction with a chunky bassline and slick production.  This pulsating version of the tune will be more appealing to those who like their grooves a little darker, and with a more serious vibe.

  • Original Mix
  • Ryan Mullin Remix
  • Beat Factory Remix

You can preview and purchase all the mixes on Beatport.

Dancechapel goes exclusively Podcast

After 18 years of doing The Dance Chapel on 89.7 FM WOCR, I’m ready to try something a little different.

First off I’d like to make it clear that this is just a selfish decision on my part, and not prompted by WOCR at all.

They are very supportive of The Dance Chapel and I have an open invitation to come back anytime!  I’ve loved working there and will miss it :-)

I just have a variety of reasons why it’s challenging for me to do on Friday nights.  I miss spending time with my family, and I don’t find driving a long distance through blizzards at this time of year appealing.  My day job at a TV station can be really crazy on Fridays and make it very challenging and stressful to make it to the radio show on time.

There’s a whole list of pros and cons, but I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time and have finally made a decision that I think is the best for me.

I’ve been doing this for a little while and I feel like I’ve accomplished some things over the years.  Now I’m less concerned with being a “professional” and I primarily do it as a fun hobby to share music I love with others.  With the advances in technology and changes in the music industry I can do that from my own home!  It’s a little less magical, but a lot more practical.

The biggest downside is it definitely wont be as frequent as a weekly show.

You can check out current and past episodes at SoundCloud

– Carey Jarvis aka “The Dance Chapel”

Wright & Reyes – Antigravity (Daisykutter Vs Paradigm Shift Remix)

pshiftcoversmallParadigm Shift are LEGENDARY.

Absolutely one of my favorite artists of all time, and the only ones who even come close to touching them for me are Shiloh.

Their self-titled CD with cool Japanese animation on a white background came out back in 1995, and I still love it with a passion in 2009!

That’s pretty rare when I’ve gotten rid of the majority of music from back then because it sounds so old it’s not even nostalgic for me anymore, and especially for electronic dance music which is a genre that has a much faster lifespan than other styles of music.

I’ve never really subscribed to the “expiration date” line of thinking regarding music, and if I like something I don’t care if someone else thinks it’s dated.  If it still grooves for me…I enjoy it!

Still, it is pretty cool to play tracks off that CD and still have people call in or run up to me gushing about how cool they are and asking where to get them…14 years later!  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that they share my love, and assures me that I’m not like Adam Sandler in Billy Madison.

Driving up in my Trans Am blaring The Stroke by Billy Squire,  standing there with my jean jacket and REO Speedwagon shirt…

Paradigm Shift is made up of Chris Sawyer, Trent Pawley, and Coy Wright.

They resurfaced briefly on Tastyfresh in 2002 with new music!  They had just remixed Antigravity by Wright & Reyes.  The song was posted as a free download, and when the site hosting it disappeared, they gave me permission to put it up as a free download.

Wright & Reyes are Coy Wright (of Paradigm Shift) and Rick Reyes.

Finally, the free download:

Wright & Reyes – Antigravity (Daisykutter Vs Paradigm Shift Remix)

You can preview the track and download it for free here:


DJ Lorraine – Immaculate Intoxication

A few years back DJ Lorraine was working with Scott Blackwell and Myx Records.

They were working on a DJ Lorraine Vs Slyder single that was potentially going to be the first Vinyl release from Myx.

For various reasons it never happened, and Myx Records isn’t around anymore, but I was lucky enough to recieve a copy of the track for airplay.

It did very well on The Dance Chapel and was one of my most requested songs for a long time.  I kept telling folks who loved the song to hold on because it would eventually come out to the public!

The music bed is an unreleased Slyder track that was originally named Puncture and has a nice proggy edge to it.  Lorraine’s vocals are gorgeous and really blow it up!  I remember Noah DeSmit hearing the track and asking about it, describing it as the song with “frickin’ sweet vocals.”  :-)

Not only does Lorraine’s voice sound stunning, but the words she sings have a strong message too:

“There is just one place I long to be, blinded by your presence I can see, words divinely whispered in my ear, awakening my senses dulled by fear

Move spirit move…stir inside of me, move all through this groove, dying to set me free.

Shining in a swirling sea of light, power to make everything alright, the veil of lies been lifted off my eyes, longing just to please you my soul cries.

Move spirit move…stir inside of me, move all through this groove, dying to set me free.”

Immaculate Intoxication is a clever way of saying Holy Drunkeness, as in Ephesians 5:18 “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit”

I LOVE this track and hope to hear more music from Lorraine in the future!

You can preview the track and download it for free here: