DJ Lorraine – Immaculate Intoxication

A few years back DJ Lorraine was working with Scott Blackwell and Myx Records.

They were working on a DJ Lorraine Vs Slyder single that was potentially going to be the first Vinyl release from Myx.

For various reasons it never happened, and Myx Records isn’t around anymore, but I was lucky enough to recieve a copy of the track for airplay.

It did very well on The Dance Chapel and was one of my most requested songs for a long time.  I kept telling folks who loved the song to hold on because it would eventually come out to the public!

The music bed is an unreleased Slyder track that was originally named Puncture and has a nice proggy edge to it.  Lorraine’s vocals are gorgeous and really blow it up!  I remember Noah DeSmit hearing the track and asking about it, describing it as the song with “frickin’ sweet vocals.”  :-)

Not only does Lorraine’s voice sound stunning, but the words she sings have a strong message too:

“There is just one place I long to be, blinded by your presence I can see, words divinely whispered in my ear, awakening my senses dulled by fear

Move spirit move…stir inside of me, move all through this groove, dying to set me free.

Shining in a swirling sea of light, power to make everything alright, the veil of lies been lifted off my eyes, longing just to please you my soul cries.

Move spirit move…stir inside of me, move all through this groove, dying to set me free.”

Immaculate Intoxication is a clever way of saying Holy Drunkeness, as in Ephesians 5:18 “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit”

I LOVE this track and hope to hear more music from Lorraine in the future!

You can preview the track and download it for free here:


Paradigm Shift Remixes Imogen Heap

Imogen HeapParadigm Shift have remixed Imogen Heap’s “The Song That Never Was.”  It’s a pretty laid back track, but you can definitely hear the P-shift signature in the beats, and of course Imogen’s vocals are wonderful.

You can listen to the Remix by visiting their MySpace, and I’ve been doing that to hear it over and over again :-)

You can also read their blog post about why they chose to do the remix and some of the details behind it.  Paradigm Shift is one of my all time favorite groups, and I really hope Imogen picks their remix!

Platipus goes digital

artoftrancemongoosevinylPlatipus Records have gone digital!

As one of the best labels releasing Trance & Progressive, this is good news indeed.  Some specific singles and releases have been previously available on Beatport and I-Tunes, but never before has their entire catalogue been available digitially.

As a longtime fan of Robbie Bronniman and DBA this is great news for me as well.

Andy Hunter fans may be familiar with Robbie already, as he co-produced Andy’s new “Colour” album, and also worked with Andy to create the original soundtrack for the movie Expelled.

Robbie is also part of the group Tek^Tonik who have some great original material, and have produced a number of fine remixes as well.  Their Mongoose Remix (pictured above) happens to be one of my favorites!

So for fans of DBA & Tek^Tonik like me this is great news, as we can finally pick up some of the tracks we have missed and not spend an arm and a leg for an expensive import.  It’s also good news for fans of good Trance like Art of Trance, Union Jack, POB, Moogwai, and more.

Head on over to and snag some good tracks today!

Airwave – Sunshine In Your Heart feat Didier Likeng (Original Mix)

airwave-sunshineGospel Trance!

One Sunday morning in church, Airwave got to talking with Gospel singer Didier Likeng, and the two decided they should do some music together.

The result is that Didier’s vocals give it a real Gospel House vibe, but Airwave’s music makes it a banging Trance tune!

It’s probably the best hybrid of the two styles I have ever heard.  It’s got that feel good Trance sound, that makes you want to drive with your windows down on a warm summer day, and crank it up!  It’s also got a real spiritual, soulful, Gospel House vibe that makes you want to sing and dance.

The track starts off with a good thump and some vocal fills from Didier, but no real words yet, and then a harder bass beat drops in and gives it a Progressive Trance feel.  This builds for awhile, and then smooths out for a beatless vocal break, where Didier turns on the Gospel!

Then as his voice builds in energy and intensity the music builds with it, and when Didier lets loose, some distorted bass riffs rip, and the song kicks into overdrive!

Vocal break snippet

music snippet

I’m not clear on a few words, but here’s my best attempt at the lyrics:

I look upon the mountain and what did I see?
That the sun is rising!
May the sun shine in your heart, and give you joy.
May the Son shine in your life, and give you a peace.
PLEASE, please, please, please, please…take my hand.
Please, please, I will give life, life, life.
Oh!  I’m so happy!
I simply want to give you sunshine, and give you joy, and the life of the same!
Come in your heart, let the sun take the pain of regret,
please open your heart, and let the light of the sun come in!

You can preview and purchase this as a download from I-Tunes for $.99 cents, or from Beatport for $1.49.

It’s also available on Vinyl or CD, if you can track it down at a music shop.

You can find out more about Airwave at his official website, and his MySpace.

Stowers & Young – The Second Coming (Albert Vorne Remix)

second-comingThis is the first release from the team of Ehren Stowers and Andy Young, and it features Remixes by Albert Vorne, Gareth Emery, and more.

I jumped on the Albert Vorne Remix after hearing it on QR Global.  It’s a deep Trance track with an atmosphere that you can easily lose yourself in, and it’s hard too, with a bit of a Tech flavor.  The best part of the track for me is the vocal sample, and what it means to me.

I’m unclear on one part, but I think it says, “Everybody needs God in their life, it gives me something to believe in.”

The central part of the sample that you hear repeated in the song over and over again is crystal clear, “I mean, when you look out at the sky at night, don’t you feel that somewhere out there, there’s got to be a God?  There’s gotta be!”

Now I don’t know what Stowers & Young believe, but what I take away from this song is that God is revealed in the beauty of His creation.  It’s like when you see the ocean, or mountains for the first time, and are blown away by how breathtakingly beautiful they are, or how big they are and how small and insignificant you are in comparison.  The Bible says in Romans 1:20,

Since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—
His eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen,
being understood from what has been made,
so that men are without excuse.”

I believe that even people who don’t know God can sense Him in His creation, and staring up at the night sky and realizing this is a perfect example.  Trance can be emotional and atmospheric by nature, and the girl’s voice saying what she does combined with the music captures this feeling for me, and makes me Worship God for how wonderful He is and the beautiful things He has created.

Sometimes a single phrase or idea can drive the point home better than an entire set of lyrics, and I think that’s the case here.  This is art, because it so perfectly captures a beautiful moment!

You can listen to a short snippet of the song here:

You can preview and purchase this as a download from Beatport for $1.99, or for a few different prices from Juno (depending on the quality of bitrate.)

You can find out a bit more about Stowers & Young at their new Record Label:

Ikon – Feel It (PC’s 6am Dub Mix)

Paul Cooper released one of Christian Dance Music’s very first Progressive House albums back in 1995 under the name Ikon.

The album was titled Global Transmission, and it was quality music infused with a spiritual message.

Now, more than a decade later he’s revived one of the most well known tracks off that album and Remixed it to give it a fresh new vibe.  There are actually a number of remixes by people like Tresice, The Marksman, Mr. H, and Ambulance that have released on Beatport through Deep Life Records, but Paul’s is by far the best of them!

He gives it a fresh Prog House sound with a bit of Tech influence.  It’s a slow burner, but it’s worth the wait as the breakdown is gorgeous, and the bassline is catchy.

The soulful female vocal sings about The Holy Spirit, “Can You Feel it?!  I can feel your Spirit moving, moving, moving!  I can feel your Spirit moving through my body!”


You can preview and purchase this as a download from Beatport for $1.49, and all the other Remixes are also featured there for the same price.

Andy Hunter – Stars (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)

My favorite of the Stars Remixes, as it combines the vocals with driving Trance music and has a really nice breakdown.  The music does have some beautiful elements, but also has a Prog vibe to it, giving it a bit of a harder edge.

The song features Mark Underdown as the main vocalist, and Shaz Sparks from DBA doing background vox.  It’s getting dropped by Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, John O’Callaghan and many more.

This track was originally released as a promo, but now it’s widely available digitally.  You can preview and purchase this as a download from I-Tunes for $.99 cents, or from Beatport for $1.49.

I found out a bit about the meaning behind the song in an interview Andy did with Alex Wilson on Tastyfresh:

He said that each of his albums has a central theme that inspires most, if not all, of the album. The theme for Colour is color, obviously, colors that we see in the world and colors that reflect God in some way. Stars, for example, is inspired by the color orange. He was looking out his window at the street lights and felt God speaking. He said that we live our lives under these lights, we follow them home. But we can’t see what is above them in the heavens because of the glare they cause.”

Orange street lamps see the glow, Illuminating the space below.
Follow the sequence they’ll take you home, to the boundary within the zone.

Tunnel vision, there’s nothing there, people looking with their perspex stare.
Set the limit and restrict the air.  Lets find the surface, make a tiny tear.

The stars in the sky, shining through the deepest night, so bright.
The stars in the sky, reminding me of satellites in flight

Orange sunrise, oceans gleam.  Reflecting glory, its crystal clean.
See the beauty of the earth outside.  Its animation as my worlds collide.

Panoramic, infinite view.  A person’s vision is the only truth.
Leap of faith and then exhale.  Feel the movement in the detail.

Preview Snippet: 

You can stream the full remix HERE

You can find out more about Andy HERE