Shiloh – Pathogen

Shiloh serves us a beautiful slab of summer Progressive that sounds best at full volume in the car, with the windows down as you enjoy the breeze.  Warm pulsing synths, sweeping chords, and an anthemic melody builds all around you until you are bathing in a gorgeous soundscape of bliss!

C-Jay slows things down with a Deep House Remix that focuses more on the percussion and low end.  It has a really nice groove to it, and still features some pretty sounds.

Indepth darkens things up with a galloping bassline, harder drums, and moody undertones.  Things brighten up considerably for the breakdown as the melody shines through like exploding sunshine, and then it drops back into hard and dark beats.

Pedro Aguiar offers up a relaxed House version with a deep bassline, and some harder percussion that contrasts nicely with the smooth melody.

Patrick Carrera & Enrico Sangiuliano provide a Techno Remix with a booming bassline, and delicious filters.  This Remix keeps changing in lots of little ways that keep your attention all the way through.  Just as you think you have a sense of it, another twist is added for a banging good time!

  • Original Mix
  • C-Jay Remix
  • Indepth Remix
  • Pedro Aguiar Remix
  • Patrick Carrera & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix

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