Shiloh – Run Away

Baroque celebrates 10 years by releasing Run Away from Shiloh!  This is my favorite Shiloh release to date, and Baroque describes it as “a massive bubblin slab of tech, vocal sampling house heaven.”

The Original Mix is a nice blend of Prog House and Tech House with female vocals singing “I Run Away, You gotta live your life, I don’t wanna return. ”

The vocals are layered with effects that make them sound really nice, and accent them in certain parts of the song for a fuller effect.  They match the mood of the music perfectly, and the whole song is a smooth ride.

Gorgeous atmosphere on this one, with lots of little sounds and accents.  This will definitely be one of my favorite tracks for some time!

My favorite remix is by an Irish producer named Ryan Mullin.  He makes it even more beautiful with brighter sounds and a real uplifting but groovy vibe.  Killer remix, so I’m gonna have to keep watching this guy for more good music!

Beat Factory takes it in a deeper direction with a chunky bassline and slick production.  This pulsating version of the tune will be more appealing to those who like their grooves a little darker, and with a more serious vibe.

  • Original Mix
  • Ryan Mullin Remix
  • Beat Factory Remix

You can preview and purchase all the mixes on Beatport.